Do you desire to travel alcohol free, but don't know how to be proactive? This guide dives deep into tips & tricks based on my personal experience. Learn what you should do, confidently, before traveling AF.


Take time to research where you are staying, where you want to dine, where you want to explore, everywhere. If you are staying at a hotel/resort, typically they want to accommodate your lodge. Tell them your favorite non-alcoholic beverages to supply in the fridge. It is also important to ask the host to remove any alcohol from the room.


If you can pack your favorite non-alcoholic beverages, depending on where you are traveling, do it! Ask your favorite beverage brand if they have travel size options. Make sure to pack tight & safe to avoid breakage.


Establishing your mindset before the trip is a priority. You need to choose to be alcohol free, mentally & physically. This decision will set the trip tone. Create a mantra about your alcohol-free choice that you can reference, during the trip, when you are experiencing a craving or just need to read it as a gentle reminder.


Routines nourish and enhance your AF journey and habits can help support your cognitive function, too. The brain learns to anticipate habits and routines, and with disturbance, the brain becomes quickly overwhelmed. Restlessness & boredom is a result of a lack of structure. Example of ways you can create a routine, even while on vacation: Keep your sleeping and eating habits the same or similar. Get exercise and movement in, even if it's just a good stretch. Spend personal time exploring this new place. Stay connected to AF support through sober instagram or the Reframe chat forum. 


If you are traveling to a country where they speak a different language, it's best to learn how to say "I am sober" or "I am alcohol free" in that language. This will help you feel more confident when exploring & dining out. 


If you can bring an alcohol-free companion, do it! If not, have your support companion or group ready to text or call, during a time you need to connect with someone. A daily check-in is great to add to your routine. It will help establish your alcohol-free mindset each day. 


It is important to stick to your AF plan. What is in your AF toolkit? 

Here are some ideas:

- Reframe App

- Find a local meeting or support group

- Craving Redirect

- Support System

- Meditation

- Gratitude Journal

- Podcast (Make sure you tune into Reframe's podcast, The Dry Life)


Explore! Keep your mind busy with activities and adventure, but not too busy that you are creating stress on your mind and body. Creating a schedule with activities will help prevent you from experiencing boredom and therefore, less time to think about filling it with alcohol. 

And lastly, keep it fun! : )

By Chelsea Monroe | Mixed Without